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Whether you’ve taken up jet skiing as a new hobby or you’ve been at it for many years, you’ll need to consider your insurance needs. Many people don’t currently have coverage or their policy doesn’t suit their needs, which puts them at risk of a financial hit if they get into an accident or their skis are damaged. A great independent agent will help you find the best jet ski insurance you can at the lowest rate possible.


By purchasing a good policy, you shouldn’t have to pay very much every month. Starting at around $100, you can be covered in a wide range of scenarios, including causing damage to other people’s property, getting severely injured, and your jet skis being broken by a storm or fire. Read on to find out more about the various policies and how you can gain access to the best ones.


Should You Get Jet Ski Insurance?

Jet skis have become important leisure vehicles in Florida, with many people taking advantage of the great weather conditions and stunning beaches to try out this hobby. However, purchasing the equipment comes at a high cost, so you’ll want to protect your asset. Insurance can allow you to do this, and it can also help you pay for any damages to other people’s property and for medical bills that are a result of an accident on your jet skis.


Insurance isn’t mandatory in Florida, but it’s almost always a good idea. Depending on your individual financial situation and how risk-averse you are, you can decide to get minimum coverage, or you can opt for a plan that protects you more completely. Let’s have a look at what your options are and go through some of the considerations that could help you decide.


What It Does

Before making a decision about purchasing insurance, you’ll want to know what types of damage it will cover. There are a number of problems that can occur with your jet skis. For example, you might get caught in a storm, and they could get destroyed. Alternatively, there could be another type of accident, or you could lose your skis in a fire.


When you insure your items, you won’t run the risk of having to pay for expensive repairs or even having to purchase a new pair of skis. Instead, you can focus on resolving the issue without worrying about the finances.


Considerations that Can Help You Decide

Insurance for your jet skis is generally considered personal watercraft insurance, or, PWC. In some states, this is mandatory, but in Florida, it is up to the owner to decide whether they would like their items insured or not. Thus, you can make your own choice depending on your personal financial situation and how much risk you perceive.


Most people don’t have a large lump sum available, and they would be stuck if their skis got damaged. If this applies to your situation, getting insurance is key because it can help to keep your asset safe and it can allow you to continue with your hobby after an incident. Those who have a large emergency fund could opt for a cheaper plan with less coverage because they will be able to absorb a larger part of the cost without financial difficulty.


Your Expenses

In general, personal watercraft insurance isn’t very expensive, and, depending on the plan you get, you won’t pay more than $100-200 per year. Considering the level of protection this offers you, it is a great deal for most people. There are several factors that determine the exact cost of your plan. The most important one is the deductible, which is how much you will pay out-of-pocket when an accident occurs.


The higher your deductible, the cheaper your insurance. If you believe that you are unlikely to get into an accident, you could opt for a plan with a very high deductible, which allows you to be covered without paying a large annual fee.


Plans You Can Get

There are many different types of coverage, and they all offer unique protection. The most basic will include liability insurance, and it might pay for the damage to your vehicle. However, you can opt for a more advanced plan that protects you from a variety of issues. For example, you could get covered for emergency services or any medical bills that are the result of a jet ski accident.


What’s more, many insurance providers also offer protection against damage done by uninsured vehicles. Thus, if you have a collision with another jet ski that is not insured, you won’t be liable to pay for any repairs or replacements. Before signing up, you should also check whether your insurance will cover the current cost of your vehicle or the cost of replacing it with a new one, which is often significantly higher.


Where Can I Find Insurance?

Jet ski insurance is necessary for most people, and you should consider it even if you have enough money to pay for a replacement pair of jet skis. This is because there might be additional costs if you’re in an accident. You might have to pay for other people’s property you have damaged, or you could be facing high medical bills as a result of an injury you’ve incurred.


There are several places you can go to find insurance, but it’s usually best to work with an agency that can find the best plan for you. They can help you compare the various providers and consider all variables before making a final decision. What’s more, they can help you review your current coverage to make sure you’ve made the best choice possible, and they can suggest cheaper or more comprehensive alternatives.


Why an Independent Agency?

We are an independent agency, which means that we are not tied to a big corporation. This can be a great advantage because such a firm is not going to push you in the direction of an expensive policy. Instead, they have access to all the different companies and can work together with you to find the best plan. That way, you’ll be paying only for what you need, and you’ll be receiving great coverage at a very reasonable rate.


Reviewing Your Current Coverage

Another major benefit of working with someone like Darryl Stidham is that they have many years of experience in the insurance industry. When you go to see them and explain your current insurance, they can let you know whether you’re covered optimally or whether there are any gaps that could put you at risk. What’s more, they’ll also help you find out what other plans are available, so you can switch to a similar policy at a cheaper rate.


Gain Peace of Mind

Getting jet ski insurance is a good idea for almost everyone because it can protect you in a wide variety of scenarios. That way, you can participate in your favorite leisure activity without worrying about the financial implications of an incident. Because there are so many different types of policies currently available, you’re sure to find the one that fits your lifestyle.


Get in touch with us today at iInsure to speak to Darryl Stidham and his team. We will have a look at the options available in your area and help you choose the one that offers the most value for the money spent.


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