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A blog about looking into flood insurance as part of your business plan

As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard the expression “the unexpected happens.” If you’re like me and most other entrepreneurs, that phrase makes you cringe. Who wants to think about the possibility of a flood or other disaster when they’re just trying to get their company off the ground? Unfortunately, though, it’s important to consider all aspects of running a business — including what would happen if your building were flooded with sewage or contaminated water.

Here are four reasons why your small business should consider flood insurance:

Flooding can happen anywhere.

Did you know that flooding can happen anywhere? Flooding is a natural disaster that can occur whether there is rain, a storm, hurricane, or even a tsunami. It’s important to keep in mind that while flooding typically occurs during rainy seasons like spring and summer months, it can also happen at any time of year. This means that your business may be at risk for damage due to flooding no matter where you live or operate your business!

Your property likely has a higher risk of flooding than you think.

Many small business owners may think they don’t need to consider flood insurance because they don’t live in an area that is prone to flooding. But the truth is, any property can be at risk of flooding. While most floods occur near bodies of water, there are many other factors that contribute to increased risk of flooding. These include:

  • Proximity to water
  • Age of your building
  • Number of stories in your building

You don’t have to live near water to be flood-prone.

Not only can flooding happen in heavy rain, it can also happen in average conditions.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has a flood warning system that defines the level of flooding threat to be expected within the next 24 hours. This system uses colors to indicate the threat level:

  • Purple means there is a major river flooding condition or an urban flood emergency where lives are threatened and/or property loss is likely. In this case, evacuation orders are issued for those living near the affected area or close enough to be affected by overflowing rivers, lakes and streams.
  • Red means there’s moderate river flooding that could lead to water entry into homes and businesses; major roads may be closed due to high water levels; or minor road closures due to standing water on local streets. Evacuation warnings may also be issued at this stage if officials believe it necessary due to rising river levels.
  • Yellow means there is minor river flooding which could lead to some road closures in low-lying areas near streams and rivers; there’s no reason yet for businesses or residents nearby these areas being evacuated at this time

Your business insurance policy likely excludes coverage for flooding.

If you have a business insurance policy, ask your insurance agent if it covers flooding. If not, then you may want to consider getting your own flood insurance policy. Many policies do not cover flooding and some will cover it only if you are in a flood zone.

If your business is located in one of these zones, then the cost of the additional coverage might be worth it because there could be significant damage even from minor floods.

Flood insurance can help protect your business from the unexpected.

It’s always good to know that your business can be protected from the unexpected. Flood insurance is designed to help you recover from a flood and rebuild if necessary, as well as protect you from damage from other natural disasters, keep your employees safe and give you peace of mind—which means that it helps improve your reputation.


While we hope that you never have to deal with a flood, it’s good to know that there is coverage available in case of an emergency. If you’re looking for a way to protect all of the investments that matter in your life without overspending to do so? Our office can help you out with all of your boat, home, auto, or business insurance needs, ensuring that you always have the peace of mind you need in all aspects of your life.

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