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Car insurance rates increase for a number of reasons. The most common are trends in the insurance market, annual inflation, the number of policies in effect vs. the aggregated risk. These we are considering to be indirect reasons for rate increases. Direct reasons would fall on you, the policyholder, and how good of a driver you are (translated as how risky you are to insure). We’ll briefly cover how you can reduce your monthly auto insurance costs.

Never Assume — Ask Questions First

If you have a personal relationship with an insurance agent, reach out to him or her. Ask why your rates have gone up. Again, it could be directly related to you as a result of your record or indirectly related by something internal or within the market. You may have seen many auto insurers offer discounts for ‘good behavior’ or ‘months without an accident’, depending on their marketing. It’s worth it to ask if you qualify for any discounts.

Shop Around, But Match

It never hurts to plan ahead for the future. Contact other insurance companies to get a quote before you automatically renew your current policy, especially if it’s becoming too costly. Additionally, it’s worth it to shop around if you are a good driver with a clean record and for whatever reason, don’t qualify for discounts.

When you get other quotes, make sure the proposed new coverage matches your current coverage across the board. Deductibles, car rental reimbursements, property damage, etc. should all match for you to consider a switch. Even when shopping, it’s worth it to ask for discounts that company B may offer that your current company, company A, does not offer. Take advantage of everything you can.

For what it’s worth, a lot of companies offer discounts in the form of bundling multi policies through the same company. For example, if company B offers auto, renters, and life insurance, you may get a discount on your monthly costs if you hold multiple policies through the same company.

Your Driver Record

We all make mistakes, but it’s important to correct those mistakes to save yourself costs in the future. With good behavior and driving habits, any fines paid will show as paid and taken care of. Points on your license will fall off over time, proving you are less of a risk than before.


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